Michael Gentry my roommate moved in February 2015.

We sleep in the same room.

On April 9th I had kidney stones and I woke up at around 4am in pain. I was in a fetal position moaning and groaning. My roommate was awake allready suited up for work and just lying there in bed waiting to go to work having no ear plugs in he was just lying there listening to me in agony

After about an hour later I got up and drove myself to the clinic and from there I was transported by ambulance to the nearest hospital.

Before I left the apartment I turned on the lights so I could see and he was the last to leave but he left all the lights on. When I came back at about 5pm from being in the hospital he didn’t turn off the lights.

When he went to work Charity asked where I was and how I was doing. Charity was asking because she hadn’t seen me that day. And Michael said as far as I know he is doing all right.

You see Michael had no idea I was in the hospital but yet he laid there listening to me in pain from a kidney stone not asking or even concerned as to why I was making all of that noise.

Yosemite National Park

Curry Village, Ahwahnee Hotel

After 8 months of him doing nothing one day I complained that he wasn't doing his part in participating in cleaning the bathroom. I provide the trash cans, shower curtain, bathroom heater, cabinet for toiletries, I provide the microwave, shovel for him to dig out his car from the snow. The couch is on his side of the room which is mine. I could put it in storage but I allow him to use it and because it's on his side of the room I told him he would never see me sit in it as this is his space.

So when I told him he needed to participate more he said that he felt that I was not meeting him half way.

Did I mention that he masturbates while I am present in the same room with him. He wakes up in the morning, jacks off and the the noise he makes wakes me up. Then he rolls over to reach below and opens the drawer to pull out a rag to wipe himself and then he gets up to take a shower.